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        As a leading vendor of Metro Kent Market, We appreciate the roles many diverse businesses play in the community. As employers, producers, and contributors to Iraq’s growing economy. That’s just one reason why Metro Kent Market will launch a ground-breaking company in 2022, one that serves the businesses around them, and the workforce that keeps them going… and growing.

From corporations and institutions, embassies, banks, restaurants and hotels, it offers a viable B2B service with a host of incentives and attractive packages with payment facilities.

Metro Kent Market corporate services empower prestigious businesses to give corporate benefit services to their employees.

By bringing Metro Kent Market Corporates to your door, you can enjoy top-notch cafeteria menus with healthy, high-quality produce and imaginative, tasty dishes. Even better, your events, meetings and special occasions will become memorable with creative delights from Metro’s skilled culinary team. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the most stringent sanitary controls are in place at every step of the process, protecting you, your employees and your business guests.

Your employees will love the convenience of being able to shop for their grocery items on-site. With all the fresh produce and home essentials readily available, it saves precious time and energy for spending with the family. Headache off your staff at their working place, who could ask for more?

Why make corporate deals for your business?

By outsourcing essential functions like your cafeteria and event catering, you are freeing up your team to do what they do best. The skilled jobs they carry out keep your company strong and vital. Professional outsourced corporate catering services help in elevating your business image. Metro Kent Market Corporates handles all those time-consuming details, expertly and efficiently, taking the burden off your shoulders, with just one invoice as opposed to numerous supplier invoices to unravel and process, and consequently, tightening control over your purchasing.

Why is Metro Kent Market important for you?

Reliability is the key to the efficient functioning of any agreement. Metro Kent Market brings that and so much more to any agreement with its customers.

You are given a constant and dependable supply of high-quality services, a diverse and well-planned menu, customized plans tailored to meet your requirements. Each detailed and binding contract assures you of attentive service from qualified, well-trained staff, free delivery of goods by skilled drivers to your company headquarters or branches, and improved control over your company’s purchases through orders of supply, receipts, permits and tax invoices.

With Metro Kent market corporate services, enjoy:
  • Special offers for special areas and organizations

  • A customized program of supplying services

  • High-quality goods availability

  • All buffet products are provided

  • Wider product range for your staff

  • Payment facilities

  • Free delivery to clients headquarters and their various branches all over

Services provided
  • Supplies all goods used in buffets (Tea, Sugar, Nescafe, Milks, Cleaning tools

  • Onsite corporate catering, including meetings, training and events.

  • Supply of FMCG services to clients in a diverse range of industries and organizations.

  • Prepaid purchase vouchers.

Prepaid purchase vouchers

Pre-paid vouchers are available for a wide range of FMCG, electronics, baby products and other commodities. These are redeemable at Metro, Kheir Zaman and Fresh Food branches. All coupons have security data and verification and are valid for a period of up to one year.

Products coverage:
  • Cheese and bakery

  • Meat and poultry

  • Grocery

  • Vegetables and fruits

  • Fish and frozen foods

  • Non-Food items

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