The Full Story


Metro Kent Market is the newest & biggest Hyper Market in Iraq. As a business entity, serving customers is at the heart of everything we do. We are a large organization, touching millions of people's lives every day. This scale gives us an opportunity to make a positive difference to some of the biggest challenges facing the country. Like the founders, the highly acclaimed supermarket chains, we significantly contributed to developing the concept of food retailing in Iraq.



    Not long ago, shopping in Iraq has been quite a tedious, time-consuming task involving several weekly visits to a huge number of small, specialized shops. With changes in today’s lifestyle, consumers have developed a taste for quality packaged goods, and more women – the typical house managers- have joined the workforce.
      To fulfil consumers’ needs, We believed it was time to introduce a more convenient means of shopping in Iraq. An initial in-depth survey of the country’s shopping scene revealed that although some small chain supermarkets did exist, there was plenty of room for improvement. 


Metro Kent Market aims to capitalize on the rapid growth achieved by channelling the increasing buying power, in order to boost efficiency, offer value for money to the loyal customer base, and plan to open new branches to reinforce Metrokent’s presence.